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8-13 July 2018 • Boston, Massachusetts

High resolution EMC and EMI testing has never been this fast! ERX+ enables the PCB and design engineers to diagnose EMC/EMI problems between 150 kHz and 8 GHz. ERX+ provides 7 levels of resolution (120 microns – 7.5 mm). Level 1 resolution (7.5mm) allows the engineers to visualize the hot spots, current loops or intermittent problems in real-time READ MORE.

EMPower™ Power Meters Model 7002-006

ETS-Lindgren’s has extended its range of EMPower™ RF power meters to comply with the measurement requirements of the ETSI 300 328 and 301 893 standards for wideband data transmission systems, including IEEE 802.11TM, Bluetooth® and Zigbee™. The model 7002-006 provides measurements over a frequency range from 10 MHz up to 6 GHz. READ MORE.