Pre-compliant & full compliance EMC chambers, CTIA Compliant Wireless Chamber Systems, EMC & Test Antennas, Scanning Towers, Turntables, LISN's, Isotropic Field Probes, Microwave & EMC Absorbers.

EMSCAN is a world leading developer of fast magnetic very-near-field measurement tools. We provide real-time low-cost desktop chambers that are efficient and cost-effective, eliminate the need for an anechoic chamber for pre-compliance and performance tests and offer accelerated time-to-market.

EM TEST is the leading manufacturer and supplier of EMC transient generators for for IEC, Aerospace, telecom, medical and component testing.

Designers and manufacturers of High Power Microwave and RF Amplifiers, specialized on modular and compact class A and class AB microwave amplifiers.

AE Techron is a provider of precision power amplifiers for industry and research.

Wavecontrol develops test equipment for the assessment of human exposure to electromagnetic fields for lab, R&D and production environments, offering EMF Meters covering 1Hz to 40GHz, personal safety exposure and factory RF monitoring systems.

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NSI has recently acquired MI Technologies and have expanded its microwave measurement capabilities. NSI is the leader in supplying near-field measurement system for personal communications antenna systems, military radar and communications, and spacecraft antennas. MI Technologies offers compact range and far-field measurement system solutions for antennas, radome and RCS processing.

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A leading manufacturer of test and measurement instrumentation for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing with a complete range of test products: solid-state class-A power amplifiers, transient pulse systems for Surge, EFT compliance and ESD, GTEM cells, Class leading test accessories for EMC such as LISN's, CDN's, Current Injection Probes.

IFI Amplifiers
Designers and manufacturers of High Power Microwave and RF Amplifiers (Solid State and TWT), specialized on TWT amplifiers and class AB RF amplifiers.

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EMI shielded tents including portable tabletop type, walk-in RF enclosures made from metalized fabrics along with the other Fine Silver Products.

For more than 40 years, WEETECH has developed and produced low and high voltage systems for functional testing of cables, wiring harnesses and back planes for Telecom, Automotive, Railway, and Aerospace applications.